Petra and Wadi Rum

okay yeah you know all about Petra and how amazing it is. It’s the ancient 2000-year old city - it’s one of the seven world wonders. But what people have seen from Petra, doesn’t account for more than 15% of it, so there’s a lot more to discover. If you’re looking for a couple of days of exploring Petra’s secrets, then you better pack your bags and book the nearest ride there. Now you can’t go to Petra and not spend time in Wadi Rum, it’s one of the most famous attractions in Jordan, especially for adventure enthusiasts; you can ride buggies, go climbing, and even ride hot air balloon. Then you can camp through the night and enjoy the most beautiful sunrise of that desert sky Tip: Always prepare your desert wear; it can be annoying and even dangerous if you are not dressed in a suitable manner no that fits the desert environment. Now if you’re not well aware of what to wear. Have fear, an external link is here:

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