One of the best things about travelling to new places is the experience of trying their local cuisine, here in Jordan you can find a variety of Jordanian and Middle Eastern restaurants that not only cook you delicious meals, but also organize the atmosphere around you to feel like you’re in a movie. And if you’re not feeling the Middle Eastern food vibe, there’s nothing to worry about, there’s no type of food that isn’t available here in Amman. You can start by going to the heart of Amman- AKA downtown- where you would find an abundance of local restaurants that would serve you some of our most famous meals like; Mansaf, Maglouba, and Mloukeyya. Trust me; you’ll be wearing an ‘’ I love Mansaf ‘’ shirt in no time. Then if you’re lucky, you’ll find the alley where they sell the most delicious Knafa in Jordan. You can walk around eating Mastaka ice cream with nuts on top, or you can slurp on a cup of liquorice juice (yup, such thing exists and it’s delicious). Now if you’re planning to have breakfast in Amman, you have more options that you can imagine, you can have Hummus and Falafel pretty much anywhere, you can have pastries from the bakery closest to your home, and if you’re really looking to live the Jordanian experience, try the traditional breakfast which consist of; Labneh, Za’tar and olive oil, eggs, white cheese and a cup of red tea. This breakfast is provided at most restaurants and cafes around Jordan. But what if you can’t go to all these places at a certain time? There’s absolutely no problem here, if you live near the University of Jordan then you live near the area filled with all kinds of restaurant and food services, you can order almost anything to be delivered to your house, and you can even enjoy all the meals in our university restaurant which are very delicious and affordable.

UJ has qualified academics working in parallel with its ambition and aspirations to excel, many of them have held many key roles in academic, administrative and political fields in Jordan.

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